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The Huelva-Rotterdam line, run by the Iberian Alveis-Shipping company, will resume, it is scheduled to start on November 28, although the final date will depend on the citrus campaign. Because  the citrus season is late, another possible date is December 5.

Alveis-Shipping is going to retrieve the Huelva-Rotterdam line, which ceased operations when it belonged to a Dutch company, with a weekly departure of one ship and offering entrepreneurs and exporters an intermodal transport service door to door. The ship, with capacity for about 200 containers, or approximately 4,000 to 5,000 kilos of merchandise, will sail from the port of Huelva on Wednesday, arriving in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on Sunday. Therefore the product (mainly horticultural and dry cargo) would be in the European market on Monday.

The shipping line stressed mentioned a good response from the exporters of the province and does not rule out launching a second ship later depending on the volume of the goods.

Source: Port of Rotterdam

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